Fraidy Hole

Emergency Shelters for Survivalists and Property Owners

Fraidy Hole

Why a Fraidy Hole is needed

Fraidy Hole is an emergency shelter built underground to take cover in case of natural and man-made disasters. Fraidy Holes are popular among survivalists who strongly believe in building them. On the other hand, property owners in areas prone to storms and tornadoes are building the Fraidy Holes to take shelter in case of emergencies.

A Fraidy Hole may be needed in areas with more tornadoes and certain areas that are highly prone to storms. Oklahoma is such state where property owners insist that there is a Fraidy Hole installed before buying the home. A Fraidy Hole has become as common as a granite counter top in certain homes due to the high occurrences of storms.

Survivalists, on the other hand, believe in building the Fraidy Holes no matter where they live. They strongly urge property owners to build the shelters in case of natural or man-made emergencies. Particularly, during elections or any other major events around the world, the survivalists are sure that there is a high probability of nuclear strikes, bacterial attacks, or wars and the Fraidy Hole shelters will protect them.

How a Fraidy Hole is built

Fraidy Holes are built underground in the backyard or open land on your property. If you have a three car garage, the third car area can be used to built a Fraidy Hole. The ground is dug up to ten feet and walls are built. Ready made Fraidy Holes that are available in home improvement stores such as Lowes can also be installed. The height of the Fraidy Holes vary from 5.5 feet to seven feet.

The Fraidy Hole has a pull out door with stairs that go underground. There are vents on top of the container to allow air circulation and oxygen. The whole container will be of five to seven feet wide with benches along the side of the walls. The ready-made containers can have stackable stairs and handrail that can be adjusted. The benches can be of metal or cushioned based on the design.

A Fraidy Hole can be used to store emergency supplies such as toiletries, radio, non-perishable snacks, blankets, medicines, water, first-aid kit, and so on. It is a good idea to store them in separate bins under the benches. You can have an empty bucket for using as an emergency toilet. Adult and child diapers and underwears are also recommended.

You can store books, emergency flashlights, extra batteries, and blankets to keep you warm. Additional clothes and rain gear are suggested items as well. In the case of major disasters, you can expect to spend four to five days before you are discovered. Trash bags for waste disposal or that can be used waterproof layers are mandatory.

How to maintain a Fraidy Hole

A Fraidy Hole must be purchased from licensed dealers and installed by expert contractors. You are required to register your Fraidy Hole so the emergency personnel will be able to find you in the case of emergency. The city crew will arrive with a GPS device and register your shelter. If a disaster strikes, the city then will know where you are and is easy to send help.

You need to replace the medicines, water, snacks, and other items every year. You need to check whether the Fraidy Hole is dry and free from pests or insects. Having emergency oxygen or masks is also suggested. Cleaning the shelter annually and making it liveable is recommended.

You can camp out in the shelter and have fun with children for special occasions and holidays. It is a fun place to hang out within your residential area and have a cozy atmosphere. Having small plants and board games will engage the children during the stay.

Contact expert contractors such as Olde Town Roofing if you decide to install a Fraidy Hole emergency shelter on your property. Call the home improvement experts of Olde Town Group at 3097385550 or 3095171676 or 5637239940 to complete other renovations associated with your Fraidy Hole.

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